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*Quotes from the essay The Arts and Identity Formation: A Critical Tool of Experiential Jewish Education 

  by Rabbi Zachary Truboff, March 9th, 2014. 


 "Art embodies the best of experiential education. More specifically, the arts stimulate the learner in diverse ways. While traditional education typically emphasizes analytical thought, the arts often trigger our intuitive and imaginative capacities. The arts also create the possibility of an “aha” moment to be embedded within the experience, opening up the learner to broader horizons."


"Even more significant for Jewish educators is the ability of the arts to shape and form identity."


"While not everyone may feel they have the ability to be an artist, each one of us can experience the transformative effect of art in our lives."


"As art generates powerful experiences for both the artist and the beholder, it carries great potential in nurturing and sustaining Jewish identity in our modern world."

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Message from Perla Karney/Artistic Director:
Since its inception, the mission of the Dortort Center for Creativity in the Arts has been to make art and culture an integral part of the Hillel experience at UCLA. Our three main gallery spaces encompass 2000 square feet and present nine art exhibits every academic year. Since 2004, the Dortort Center has presented over eighty exhibits featuring artists as diverse as renowned, award winning photo journalist Ron Haviv's Children of Darfur to Forbidden Artintensely personal works by inmates of concentration camps during the Holocaust. This extraordinary exhibit came to us for an exclusive showing from the Auschwitz Birkenau State Museum in Poland.Our next museum show is coming to us from the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum in Shanghai, China with an opening on Sunday, October 27th, 2013, 4-6pm.
We collaborated with award winning composer and Rockefeller fellow Yotam Haber on the American premiere of his new work Death Will Come And She Shall Have Your Eyes which was performed at UCLA's Schoenberg Hall. We staged a reading of the play Goliath by award winning playwright Karen Hartman in the 500 seat DeNeve Theater on the UCLA campus. We have presented Musical Salons, Documentary and Film Sreenings, Staged Play Readings, Book readings, Student Fine Art Shows, Student Photo Exhibits, Lectures, Art Panels and a host of other art and cultural events. We thank our distinguished Dortort Advisory Board as well as our generous sponsors who have made our programs possible.
Please read about Perla Karney/Artistic Director in Ha'Am Magazine

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