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Join Hillel Student Leadership for 2016-2017!


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.
Interviews begin on March 28.
Questions? Contact Danielle at

Engagement Fellowships

 The Engagement Fellowship is made up of small groups of students with similar interests who build relationships with uninvolved Jewish peers in their existing social networks and create dynamic and innovative Jewish communities through relevant and meaningful Jewish experiences.

Applicants are encouraged to indicate a preference for one or more of the concentrations below:

  • Campus - Bringing Jewish life to students wherever they are
  • Freshmen - Cultivating a vibrant community of first year students and connecting them to Jewish Bruin life
  • Greek - Connecting Jewish students across the Greek Community to each other and to Jewish experiences
  • Mentorship - Advising other cohorts while developing as a leader and connecting to other opportunities
  • Social Justice - Understanding tzedek, direct service, and action through a Jewish lens

Hillel Student Board

Hillel Student Board consists of 6-8 student leaders who are committed to the mission and vision of Hillel, and work to enact and promote this vision of the Jewish community at UCLA.

All Student Board members:
• Serve as Hillel representatives in the building, on campus, and in the greater Jewish community
• Serve as role models for other Hillel leaders by being visible, present and welcoming, and by being the first to volunteer with tasks as needed
• Build community and promote unity among Jewish Bruins by engaging with and building relationships with Jewish Bruins
• Are expected to fulfill their assigned duties as Hillel Student Board members and think critically, strategically, and innovatively about strengthening and improving the work of Hillel

• Acts as the student liaison and voice to campus and in the greater Jewish community
• Oversees the Student Board by preparing and presiding over meetings, delegating tasks, and keeping board accountable
• Guides the vision and message of the board and ensures seamless communication between board members, with Hillel staff, and Hillel leadership
• Oversees communication between staff and board
• The main contact for administration and for external organizations. Works to build relationships with other cultural, ethnic, and religious organizations on campus.

Vice President:
• Oversees the vision and implementation of board-initiated programs and activities, working closely with Events Chair, Finance Chair and other Hillel leaders
• Assumes role of president when president isn’t there, and assist president in representation on campus
• Is responsible for Hillel’s presence on campus, including tabling or other activities
• Oversees digital and print outreach and promotion of Hillel and all Board-sponsored events, including Facebook, digital app, and e-newsletter

Finance Chair
• Manages all budget processes for Board allocations, including processing of Hillel Events Applications
• Maintains an accurate record of all budget items and money spent
• Is responsible for being aware of funding available on campus and in the community, and conveys such opportunities to the wider Hillel community
• Works closely with staff to ensure responsible and mission-driven spending
• Meets with student leaders to go over budgets for large events, and help with planning their funding

Internal Relations Chair
• Serves as liaison between Board, Engagement Fellows, micro-communities, and mavens to build a cohesive community, promoting communication and collaboration between groups
• Creates methods and modes for easy communication between other Hillel leadership cohorts, such as listserv and Facebook
• Meets regularly with other Hillel student leaders to elicit ideas and feedback for Board

Events Chair
• Responsible for exploring and encouraging Meaningful Jewish Experiences as a component of all Board-sponsored and Hillel activities
• Creates vision for and plans Hillel-wide events and traditions such as holidays, BBQ’s etc

Shabbat Chair
• Works closely with Hillel staff to create vision for and plan the schedule and structure of unique, meaningful Shabbat experiences
• Help create a culture and process for increased student involvement in Shabbat, including delegation of tasks before, during and after dinner (Engagement, Greeting, Creating, and Tachlis)
• Coordinates outreach and promotion of Shabbat via social media and campus presence

Israel Liaison
• Keeps board updated on all things Israel-related on campus and oversees board discussions on Israel
• Regularly communicates with leaders of Israel-related groups on campus, as well as Hillel’s Israel Fellow, Board presidents and Executive Director to ensure open communication regarding Hillel’s involvement in Israel on campus

Publicity Chair
• Manages all of Hillel's Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, & Snapchat
• Creates unique visual advertisements for events put on by board along with graphics for any micro-community or event upon request.
• Serves as a liaison between board and the greater Hillel community through marketing and advertisement strategies. 

ALL student leaders are also responsible for Engagement. They are constantly reaching out to their Jewish peers on campus and inviting them to join them at Shabbat or other programming, encouraging people to go on Birthright, and engaging them in Jewish conversation and Meaningful Jewish Experiences.


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