VIDEO: UCLA Students Experience Israel on a Fact-Finding Mission



Take a glimpse at what UCLA students experienced on a recent fact finding mission to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, sponsored in part by Hillel at UCLA. This group of non-Jewish student leaders had first-hand opportunity to learn about Israel person to person. The video was created by student Lizzie Zweng.

Ha'Am: Why Jewish Life at UCLA is Extraordinary


"Despite recent controversies, I like to argue that the Jewish community at UCLA has become even more united than it was before. Coming to UCLA, knowing only a minimal amount of people, the Jewish life at UCLA has exposed me to numerous programs and people that will forever have an impact on my life. "

--Student Rebecca Zaghi

Read more about Rebecca's perspective on Jewish life at UCLA in the latest issue of Ha'Am HERE.

Israel Independence Day Sparks Enthusiasm




We had a great Yom Ha'Atzmaut celebration on campus yesterday!

Read more in today's Daily Bruin!

Bruins for Israel Launches "We, The Zionists"



Bruins for Israel recently launched a campaign called “We, the Zionists” to combat negative connotations surrounding Zionism and to teach students about the origins of the movement.

The Daily Bruin features the campaign in today's issue. 

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Join Us for Our Annual Yom Ha'Atzmaut Celebration!

DSC_0007-SMALLER.jpgYom Ha'Atzmaut Celebration on Bruin Plaza - Thursday, April 23rd!

Join our students tomorrow at 11am on campus for our annual I-Fest Celebration during our Israel Independence Week. The celebration is open to students, faculty and the general community. Come by for music and speakers and more!  

UCLA Bruin Plaza - Thursday, April 23rd at 11am-2pm!

Our New Exhibition Featured in the Daily Bruin

web.ae_.4.14.onelife.MH_-640x426.jpgJoin us tonight for the opening of our new exhibit:

Jewish World Watch: One Life at a Time


Wednesday, April 15th - 7:00-9:00pm
Hillel at UCLA
Free and Open to the Public

One Life at a Time is a photographic journey into the individual lives that reflect the mission of Jewish World Watch.


And here's a new article in the Daily Bruin about the exhibit:

Daily Bruin: Alum captures stories of genocide survivors for ‘One Life at a Time’

Israel Trip Aims to Broaden Minds



Two weeks ago, we sent a delegation of student leaders from a range of campus ethnic groups, political associations, sororities and fraternities that are not associated with the Jewish community and who were recruited by their Jewish friends on a fact-finding mission to Israel and the Palestinian Authority. One student called it "life-changing."

Read more about it in the recent Jewish Journal report HERE.

Our Friend Mayim Bialik Speaks About UCLA



Hillel and UCLA alum, Mayim Bialik, assures everyone that UCLA is a great place for Jewish students in her recent blog post on Kveller.

"I would still choose UCLA again and again as any kind of Jewish student: liberal, conservative, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, kippah-wearing dude or tichel-sporting dudette."

You can read the entire article HERE.

We love you, Mayim!

Passover Message from Rabbi Chaim Seidler Feller

You shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the feelings of the stranger, having yourselves been strangers in the land of Egypt (Exodus 23:9)
Strangers, Forever!
What might we remember this year at Passover? The most important idea that ought to be front and center at our Seders is that we were and still are strangers, gerim. As a community we’ve forgotten what that means and are no longer conscious of the obligations that devolve onto former slaves who have reveled and thrived in freedom. When it is convenient and we stand to benefit we tend to remind everyone that we were the victims of history. The rest of the time we simply take our place and act as if we’re entitled. Where is the active memory, the awareness of who we really are and what our tradition has taught us we ought to be? How do you maintain a consciousness of being a stranger when you are so successful and comfortable?


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Passover 2015 at Hillel

Worried about not having food for Passover this year? Worry no more! Hillel at UCLA has all students need to make it through Passover with a belly full of matzah. Passover programming includes two nights of student seders, lunch service throughout the week, and festive chag and Shabbat meals. 

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