Class with Holocaust Survivors Inspires UCLA Student Film Project




Who knew that a freshman seminar could be life changing? When Andrew Rosenstein enrolled in Germanic Languages and Comparative Literature Professor Todd Presner’s seminar, Between Memory & History: Interviewing Holocaust Survivors in the Digital Age, in Winter 2012, he couldn’t imagine how the opportunity of meeting with a survivor over the course of the quarter would impact his college career.


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Rabbi Chaim's 40 Years of Service Featured in Ha'Am

UCLA's Jewish Newsmagazine, Ha'Am, features our Executive Director, Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller, in their latest issue:



L’Chaim to Rabbi Chaim: Celebrating 40 years of service to Hillel at UCLA
by Moshe Kahn, May 31, 2015, Ha'Am

Some would start a farewell address to Rabbi Chaim in this fashion: “Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller will be retiring this year from his position as Executive Director of the Hillel. As an educator, his greatest achievement lies in the countless students he has taught and inspired. Although he will no longer be present in an authoritative capacity, his impact on our campus will be felt for many years to come. Over his illustrious 40-year career, Rabbi Chaim has overseen the development of a vast network of programs for Jews of all backgrounds. The continuity of these activities is ensured because they have a home in the Yitzchak Rabin Hillel Center — also of his doing. This building sits off the edge of campus but serves as the epicenter of Jewish life here.”


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UCLA Student Rachel Beyda Meets with President Obama


President Obama met with student leader Rachel Beyda this morning as the White House turns its attention to Jewish Heritage Month and the rise of anti-Semitism on college campuses.

The President recently made a connection in the Atlantic between his own identity and his support for Jewish human-rights and self-determination:

 "To me, being pro-Israel and pro-Jewish is part and parcel with the values that I've been fighting for since I was politically conscious and started getting involved in politics. There’s a direct line between supporting the right of the Jewish people to have a homeland and to feel safe and free of discrimination and persecution, and the right of African Americans to vote and have equal protection under the law."




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Undergraduate Bruin to Curate Fine Art Show & Photo Contest



"Second-year art and art history student Rachel Berkowitz will serve as the curator for the annual Fine Art Show on May 21 and the Student Photo Contest on Thursday. This year, Berkowitz opened submissions to all students, not just those studying art at UCLA."

Read more in today's Daily Bruin HERE!

Come visit Hillel to see the wonderful submissions - with the photo contest on view starting tomorrow night, and the fine art show on view late this month.

Heather Rosen Elected New UCLA Student Government President



We're happy to share that three Jewish students, including new student president Heather Rosen, were elected to UCLA student government. Mazel Tov!

To read more about the election, visit the Daily Bruin HERE!

VIDEO: UCLA Students Experience Israel on a Fact-Finding Mission



Take a glimpse at what UCLA students experienced on a recent fact finding mission to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, sponsored in part by Hillel at UCLA. This group of non-Jewish student leaders had first-hand opportunity to learn about Israel person to person. The video was created by student Lizzie Zweng.

Ha'Am: Why Jewish Life at UCLA is Extraordinary


"Despite recent controversies, I like to argue that the Jewish community at UCLA has become even more united than it was before. Coming to UCLA, knowing only a minimal amount of people, the Jewish life at UCLA has exposed me to numerous programs and people that will forever have an impact on my life. "

--Student Rebecca Zaghi

Read more about Rebecca's perspective on Jewish life at UCLA in the latest issue of Ha'Am HERE.

Israel Independence Day Sparks Enthusiasm




We had a great Yom Ha'Atzmaut celebration on campus yesterday!

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Bruins for Israel Launches "We, The Zionists"



Bruins for Israel recently launched a campaign called “We, the Zionists” to combat negative connotations surrounding Zionism and to teach students about the origins of the movement.

The Daily Bruin features the campaign in today's issue. 

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Join Us for Our Annual Yom Ha'Atzmaut Celebration!

DSC_0007-SMALLER.jpgYom Ha'Atzmaut Celebration on Bruin Plaza - Thursday, April 23rd!

Join our students tomorrow at 11am on campus for our annual I-Fest Celebration during our Israel Independence Week. The celebration is open to students, faculty and the general community. Come by for music and speakers and more!  

UCLA Bruin Plaza - Thursday, April 23rd at 11am-2pm!