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FALL 2019

Donn Delson

Donn Delson is a visual savant.  An ability to communicate conceptually, literately, and visually, informs his photographic work, creating conversation that percolates through all three modalities.

His work has been exhibited in such prestigious forums as The Los Angeles Art Show, Affordable Art Fair: New York, Hong Kong, London, The Palm Springs Art Fair, Aspen Art, SCOPE Miami Beach, Art Market Hamptons, the Axiom Contemporary Gallery in Santa Monica, and Victory Contemporary in Santa Fe. His photographic oeuvre has been featured in articles in Crave Online, Silvershotz Photography Magazine, Fabrik Magazine, and the Huffington Post. 


Artist Statement
I am an image collector.  The things I see, or envision in my mind’s eye, often become meaningful icons that inform my photography.  The camera is the mechanism by which I hope to translate that visual imagery into meaningful photographs. 

As a young child, I remember staring out the window from the upper berth of a railway sleeper car, long after my parents were asleep, and freeze-framing the nighttime beauty of farms and fences and moonlit reflections in ponds as they raced by to the steady clickety-clack of the wheels on the tracks.  I seek to recapture that same sense of wonder and discovery each time I look through the lens, infusing those revelations with fresh feeling and purpose, rich in intangibles, subtextural statements, and conversations.     

As one who finds peace in meditation, photography affords me not only artistic expression, but also spiritual nourishment.  I am intrigued by unexpected perspective and enigmatic imagery.I am particularly drawn of late to abstract aerial photography, shot from "doors off" helicopters at altitudes of 1200-10,000 feet.

Click here for an interview with Donn Delson & The LA Times

This exhibit runs until December 22, 2019

Lili Sigel

LILI SIGEL was born in May of 1945 and grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel. She attended the Fine Art Institute and worked in art galleries while studying Art History and Graphic Design. In 1975, she moved to the U.S. and worked as a Graphic Designer, doing layouts for a newspaper in Pittsburgh. Lili became involved in the art community there and curated events and exhibits. During the 1990's, she owned and ran an art gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico; once again sharing her love of modern art with the community. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, where you can find her painting in her studio on a daily basis.


Artist Statement

My current works of collages & mixed media employ various organic materials (wood, canvas, paper, etc.) that lost their usefulness but still have a rich history and tell a proud age-old story. Additionally I use acrylic paint to harmonize and balance my composition.

Modifying simple organic materials into distinctive assemblages helps me understand the common denominator between consumption, waste, and the environment. My artworks are mixed metaphors connected in inventive and poetic ways by a non-linear narrative to remind us that ‘repurposing’ is filled with valuable wonders that fuel our resourcefulness and our human yearning for purpose.

This exhibit runs until December 22, 2019

Mary Leipziger

India through a Jewish Lens

"The photographs show people in their spaces, already, but with the assurances that realism always illustrates what you haven’t seen yet, the connections, colors, the geometries suggested by human form and direction, the hidden hand, usually demeaning, and not signifying like a subject engaged and exposed, and both the photographer and the subject fully enjoying the surprise of human contact."



Mary Leipziger is a Los Angeles based Canadian Jewish photographer whose photographs have been published in the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Philadelphia Enquirer, Dallas Times Herald, National Museum of American Jewish History and many other publications.

Ms. Leipziger holds an M.A. from California State University, Northridge, CA, a B.A. in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture Los Angeles, CA and a B.F.A. from Boston University in Boston, Mass.

Click here for an interview with Mary Leipziger & The Daily Bruin

This exhibit runs until December 22, 2019

Hillel Smith

Parsha Posters

Begun at Simchat Torah 2015, the Parsha Poster project is a series of posters "advertising" the parshat hashavua (weekly Torah portion). The posters utilize innovative Hebrew typography--each one integrates the Hebrew name of the parsha in Hebrew somehow into the illustration--and a bold, graphic aesthetic to tell Biblical stories in a new way. 

Hillel Smith is an artist and graphic designer focusing on engaging communities with their heritage in innovative ways. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Visual Studies. Finding a lack of inspiring new Jewish art, he attempts to re-imagine the potential of Judaica by utilizing contemporary media like spray paint and digital graphics to create new manifestations of traditional forms. He has painted dynamic Jewish murals in Southern California and Israel with his Hebrew street art venture Illuminated Streets, with more murals on the way. He revitalizes ancient rituals with online projects like his GIF Omer Counter and Parsha Poster series, encouraging creative reconsideration of religious practice. He leads workshops on Jewish art, including Jewish street art, at a growing number of institutions, centering on artistic empowerment, continuity, and manifesting identity through the arts. Seeing Hebrew as the visual glue binding Jews together across time and space, he also teaches Jewish typographic history, using print as a lens for Jewish life and culture. Making fun and engaging content is also the crux of his work as a designer of educational products, viral videos, and marketing materials for organizations large and small, as for clients like Patton Oswalt. See his work at

Will be on view in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (1st Floor)

New Cuts 

by Corrie Siegel

“Wherever the relevance of speech is at stake, matters become political by definition,
for speech is what makes man a political being” 
- Hannah Arendt

New Cuts is an exhibition of flat and sculptural works created from single sheets of paper. Alternately delicate and spiked, the works are formed by overlaid matrixes of texts that are incised to obscure the original message and reveal a pattern composed of symbols.  Each piece is built from statements made during the rise of the Third Reich or the Trump Administration. Through the form of a traditional paper-cut; these loaded texts are abstracted into jagged landscapes and fragile lace.

Corrie Siegel is a Los Angeles based multimedia artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally. Mining individual and collective histories, she uses labor intensive approaches to occupy a position between objectivity and interpretation. Her projects have been profiled in the Los Angeles Times, Mousse Magazine, Droste Effect, and Flash Art International.  Siegel is currently an Armory Fellow, she was also awarded a Word Grant, Dream Lab Fellowship, Culture Lab Fellowship, and Six Points Fellowship. She is the director of the artist run gallery and community space Actual Size Los Angeles. Actual Size collaborates with established and emerging artists to animate the exhibition experience and engage the public.  She received her BFA from Bard College and is currently pursuing an MFA with a concentration in Curatorial and Critical Studies from University of California, Irvine.