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Our library has an exceptional collection of over 1,500 Jewish books, ranging over 3,000 years of Jewish knowledge, philosophy, law, and tradition. Come for yourself and witness our $100,000 valued digest of Jewish thinking, and we’ll find that book with your name on it! Our library will get you the Jewish knowledge that you’re looking for, just show up and put your mind to the test. The shelves are stacked with books from top to bottom, we’re just waiting for you to pick out the one that’s right for you.2A943437-1E52-4681-B25B-0863ABF13C10-min.JPG

Book of the Week:

Since novel ideas and technologies are constantly being revealed to the world, our Torah still has its role in teaching us the proper way to conduct our involvement with them. The latest installment of a 7-part series Contemporary Halachic Problems by J. David Bleich is sure to answer any burning questions about the Torah's approach to modern day advances. From topics such as stem cell research and utilization to political standpoints, this small book is packed from cover to cover with all the relevant and complex issues today's society imposes.

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