Bruins for Israel Board Job Descriptions

What Is BFI?

Bruins for Israel is the premier pro-Israel group at the University of California, Los Angeles. Our organization works to educate the campus community on the politics, history and culture of the Jewish State of Israel. We focus on promoting Israel as a democratic nation that shares America’s western values and contributes to the world in a variety of fields, including technology, industry, medicine and the arts.

We advocate for a negotiated two state solution: a Jewish state of Israel and a Palestinian state. By avoiding partisan stances on Israeli politics, we try to allow students to reach their own conclusions on the Jewish nation. By framing factual current events in a historical context, we give the campus community the tools to comprehend the turmoil. We present the facts about the state of Israel while subsequently debunking the misinformation abounding popular opinion and the media. We stand firmly against any form of delegitimization of Israel as a Jewish state.

Bruins For Israel holds open meetings and events throughout the academic year and encourages anyone interested in Israel to stop by at anytime.       

What are you applying for?

You are applying for a position on the Executive BFI Board.  This Board is comprised of eight positions:  President, Vice President, Director of Marketing, Director of Public Relations, Director of Media, Director of Programming, Director of Finance, and Administrative Director (see descriptions of each position below).  Each executive board member is responsible for attending a weekly Board meeting, a weekly open meeting, and any other BFI events throughout the quarter in addition to their position responsibilities.  Each board member is responsible for helping fellow board members with anything BFI-related that they may need, and overall representing Bruins for Israel positively at all times. We expect that BFI board is your number one priority for the upcoming year.


When applying for Bruins for Israel board please keep in mind that this isn’t a commitment to only a certain position, but it is a commitment to board. As a member of Bruins for Israel board you have to be responsible, and understand that you are representing a large community.


We thank you for your interest in BFI Board and we’re excited to read your applications.  Don’t hesitate to email any questions to [email protected].

The application is due by 5pm on Friday, May 13th, 2015


Job titles and descriptions


1. President

2. Vice President

3. Director of Marketing

4. Director of Public Relations

5. Director of Engagement

6. Director of Programming

7. Director of Finance

8. Administrative Director



  • Oversees the initiation and implementation of successful programs
  • Delegates tasks to Board members
  • Sets quarterly goals for both BFI Board and the entire group and sees that they are carried out
  • Represents BFI on the Jewish Leadership Council
  • Works with Israel Fellow
  • Has the final word on matters of BFI
  • Sets the agenda for meetings and runs them with the assistance of the board
  • Ensures development of younger generation of BFI members
  • Works closely with the Academic Affairs Director at the Israeli Consulate


Vice President

  • Meet bimonthly with President.
  • Coordinate and Plan the West Coast Student Conference in Fall
  • Works with Israel fellow and Director of Programming for educational content of weekly meeting including, internal debates and current events
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with members of Hillel Leadership, Jewish Student Union, pro-Israel groups, and other UCLA campus groups.
  • Attends to various meetings and events both within Hillel Leadership Council and Jewish Student Union community
  • Work closely with Director of Programming in preparation of Co-sponsorships and Special Events
  • Leads the board in meetings when the president is absent or incapacitated


Director of Marketing

  • In charge of updating and maintaining Facebook group, page, and Twitter account
  • Responsible for Quarterly Social Media Campaigns (e.g. We The Zionists, Last time I was in Israel)
  • Responsible for overseeing website content and working with the Director of Media as necessary


Director of Public Relations:

  • Responsible for drafting and releasing Press Releases
  • Responsible for writing weekly BFI listserve emails
  • Responsible for writing and submitting Op-eds and being in contact with the Daily Bruin for giving comment on articles
  • Responsible for


Director of Engagement

  • Responsible for internal engagement to create a vibrant heard and active community
  • Create ways to incorporate Israeli culture and feeling into events
  • Works with Israel Fellow to work on Israel engagement with returning members of trips to Israel (birthright, Hartman Institute, Fact Finders)
  • Responsible for utilizing the coffee fund in order to find new spaces for conversations and to meet with members of the UCLA Israel community to discuss matters pertaining to BFI.


Director of Programming

  • Responsible for the BFI General Member Retreat in Fall
  • Responsible for activities during BFI events (e.g. Ice Breaker, Israel Bingo, etc)
  • Work closely with President in preparation of quarterly co-sponsorships and Special Events (e.g. Achy Breaky Heart…)
  • Must put on at least one social event per quarter (e.g., BFI party, hike, BFI potluck, study night etc)
  • Overseeing individual programs and ensuring effective
  • Work closely with Hillel Staff to coordinate BFI Shabbat
  • Responsible for coordinating tabling efforts on campus.


Director of Finance

  • Responsible for applying for Grants through UCLA and outside organizations
  • Keeps contact with liaisons from pro-Israel nonprofit organizations (i.e. David Project, StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, Israel on Campus Coalition, CAMERA, World Zionist Organization, etc.) and Israeli consulate to obtain speakers for meetings
  • Be familiar with on-campus funding and work with BFI’s faculty advisor
  • Follow Up with donors with summary and photos after the event.
  • Responsible to extensively track funding logs of how much expended, received and granted from different organizations
  • Manages overall BFI budget
  • Responsible for keeping contact with pro-Israel non-profits  (StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, Israel on Campus Coalition, CAMERA, World Zionist Organization, etc.)
  • Works closely with Israel Fellow and Secretary to ensure that all reimbursements are in order
  • Meets monthly with the Fundraising Chair to help coordinate fundraisers and raise funds for AIPAC delegation to Policy Conference


Administrative Director

  • Takes minutes at all meetings and books rooms at Hillel and on campus
  • Responsible for obtaining snacks for meetings and food for events
  • Works with Treasurer to obtain reimbursements
  • Updates public Google Calendar of BFI events
  • Maintains record of event and meeting attendance (i.e. sign-in sheet)
  • Coordinates BFI Swag
  • Works with Director of Finance to organize and keep track of BFI budget (e.g. income and expenses)
  • Upkeep of the BFI Website, Google Drive, Google Forms and Google Documents

(310) 208-3081 | 574 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024 | EIN #46-0573247

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