Innovation / Holiday

Program Summary

Innovation as an Orientation 

Pandemic Response 

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Entrepreneurial Spirit

Student leaders are trained and empowered to plan, produce and execute programs/digital communication campaigns to scale for national impact. Hillel’s foundation is built on developing and sustaining an entrepreneurial mindset which promotes adaptation and innovation to support ongoing relevance among an ever evolving student population.

Programs Include

Campus Engagement Interns (CEI) and the Senior Jewish Educator (SJE) revolutionized Hillel’s practice for student engagement, moving into a peer-to-peer model which enabled exponentially more interactions with students - UCLA Hillel invented, piloted and national scaled this initiative in tandem with Hillel International and the Jim Joseph Foundation.  Also innovated at UCLA Hillel, the Fact Finding Mission which is now on 100 campuses, the International Coexistence Contest (promoting interfaith and coalition building which will be running for its third year in 2022 and which engaged competitors from 16 campuses), and the #ChooseLove and #WeTheZionists digital media campaigns which were deployed to 50+ campuses.


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Connect UCLA students to Judaism through celebration of Jewish holidays and ritual observation.  Hillel is fundamentally pluralist in our articulation of Judaism meaning people relating to all denominations and people with vast to zero past Jewish experience are radically welcomed and included.

Programs Include

Meals, learning and community convening for every holiday, free + Kosher (and often themed) Shabbat dinners at Hillel for 100-200 students, camp-style Shabbat services.  Holiday programming is planned by staff and students in partnership, and Hillel staff is composed of 2-3 rabbis in any given year.  There is a Shabbat/Holidays/Rituals chair on the Student Board, as well, in most years.

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