Israel Update From Hillel At UCLA

Israel Update

As you may have heard, it’s Palestine Awareness Week on-campus at UCLA. Though this event happens every year, UCLA experienced national attention on Monday when the campus newspaper, the Daily Bruin, printed an op-ed cartoon featuring Benjamin Netanyahu violating the Ten Commandments.

Right away a coalition of Jewish and pro-Israel students worked with Hillel at UCLA and the Anti-Defamation League to protest the cartoon. Based on our actions, UCLA administrators released a timely response, and the Daily Bruin issued an apology, retracted the cartoon from its website, and requested time to convene with Hillel leadership.

The cartoon prompted Hillel to release a petition suggesting practical steps to improve Campus Climate at UCLA, which you can sign by clicking here.

This week Hillel at UCLA helped mobilize a coalition of Israel-related and Jewish organizations to educate the campus community on Israel. Jewish and non-Jewish students have been counter demonstrating by flyer-ing all week on Bruin Walk with great success. On Wednesday, hundreds of Jewish and non-Jewish students made pro-Israel shirts in the center of campus. And on Thursday, hundreds more will come together for a pro-Israel BBQ.

Next week, nearly 200 student leaders will come together to celebrate the importance of Israel to the United States and to advocate for a strong US-Israel relationship. Keynote remarks made by local elected officials will punctuate this impressive event which attracts campus influentials from every corner of UCLA.

Hillel at UCLA continues to be the backbone of UCLA’s vibrant Jewish life and strong Israel advocacy. We are grateful for your support which allows us to do this vital work.

Rabbi Aaron Lerner
Executive Director, Hillel at UCLA


Arielle Mokhtarzadeh, President of Bruins for Israel on campus this week.
Bruins for Israel is currently fundraising for their cause via their
On One Foot Campaign.


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