Legacy / Endowment

Legacy Endowment

For decades, Hillel has equipped UCLA’s students to be the leaders of tomorrow’s Jewish community.

Just as the University establishes a professional foundation for students’ futures, Hillel builds a Jewish foundation for their lifetime. We offer students meaningful services and enriching programs free of charge each day of the week, all year round. This is achieved through the support and charitable giving of individuals like you.

You've invested in the Jewish future time and time again. Will you allow Hillel the opportunity to sustain your vision for a steadfast Jewish people for generations to come by including Hillel in your future planning?


Mayim Bialik | Hillel Trustee | Legacy Giver 
Emmy-Nominated Actor & Double Bruin UCLA PhD 2007, B.S. 2000

“Hillel was the place where I learned how to be a Jewish adult.

I was able to form a lifestyle and an identity around the fact that I am a Jewish person guided by Jewish principles and Jewish values because I feel a responsibility to my community.

I learned that from my Hillel."

Mayim Bialik | Legacy Giver