Mental Health / Arts & Culture

Mental Health

The number of UCLA students reporting loneliness, anxiety, and depression has spiked significantly over the past five years and has increased as a result of the pandemic. Guided by research and professional healthcare advisors, Hillel integrates mental health support into virtually all of our student programs,  explicitly addressing physical health (exercise, sleep, nutrition); mental health (addiction, anxiety, mindfulness, depression, distortion); executive functioning; adulting; and intimacy and sexuality (consent, safety, vulnerability.)

Programs Include

In partnership with other established Jewish institutions, we will provide 32 hours per week available for students to meet with a licensed professional. The Wellness priority is represented by a Wellness Chair on our Student Board. We provide free meals to students experiencing food insecurity (hunger), students can access training to improve peer counseling capacity and ability to make referrals, staff are afforded flexibility and financial resources to support pursuit of therapy and wellness, 75+ wellness-focused programs occur per year including exercise, time outdoors, wellness learning fellowships, and pastoral care.

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Arts & Culture

Dortort Center for Creativity in the Arts

The Dortort Center for Creativity in the Arts weaves art and culture into the Hillel experience for UCLA students and community members. Boasting five gallery spaces at 574 Hilgard Avenue, intentional and thought provoking art and creative collaborations contributes to a holistic sense of Jewish pride and curiosity.

Programs Include

Annual Student Fine Arts Show, Annual Student Photography Contest, two or more multi-gallery art openings per year, lectures presented by the Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller Institute for Jewish Learning (a subset of the Dortort Center), collaborations with the Fowler Museum and other local museums and performance arts companies, online and in-person events, permanent art installations at 574 Hilgard Avenue, mentorship for students including opportunities to curate shows and learn alongside established artists.