Sepideh Parhami

Yeh sah!

(a Jamaican Patois greeting)

This is the donation page for my volunteer trip to Jamaica during spring break 2015. Hopefully, I've had the chance to tell you a bit about what my peers from Hillel and I will be doing there, but here's a rundown. We wil be hosted by families in Petersfield, Jamaica for a week through the international organization Amizade ( Our week will be spent at a rural school where we will facilitate education, cultural exchange, and, most importantly, fun with the kids. We will also help put the finising touches on a garden in a local park. Funding from family and friends will pay for our travel and lodging expenses, education, and any materials needed for our project.

I sincerely thank you for supporting the idealist within me, whether it's through a donation or your unwavering love. Can't wait to be able to say that we made a positive difference in the lives of our fellow human beings living without adequate resources.



$1,480.00 donated
GOAL: $1,400.00
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