Thanks from Rachael Petru


Thanks from Rachael Petru


This impact report is a testament to the commitment and hard work of hundreds of Hillel leaders and thousands of Hillel supporters like you. 

Determination has fueled our efforts through the uncertainty of the pandemic. As many of you know, early on we witnessed a collapse in student mental health. Students were desperate to safely connect. In response, we innovated by spacing apart individual tables outside our building in accordance with LA County Health Department guidance.

Upon the return to in-person classes at UCLA, we installed virus filtration in our HVAC system, learned new protocols for gathering, and witnessed our halls buzzing with masked students attending Shabbat dinners, Jewish Learning Fellowships, and Bruins for Israel events.  

We also significantly expanded our new Mental Health and Wellness programs to accommodate for the increased needs and provide preventative wellness support.

All the while, we have been partnering with philanthropic visionaries who are joining forces to grow a $30+ million Endowment Fund for the Jewish Future, which will ensure Jewish Bruin life for UCLA students for the next 100 years!

Many, many thanks to you, our lay leadership, our staff, and especially to the students who partner with Hillel! 


With gratitude,

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