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Artists for Humanity

Featuring works by thirty-three artists

This group show will feature works for sale donated by thirty-three leading American artists. All proceeds from the sale of the artwork will be donated* to the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, whose declared mission is to extend a "hand to all, without regard for race, religion, or ethnicity," to aid victims of the Gaza war. 


Sunday, April 14th, 2024

2:00-4:00 pm

Exhibit runs until Friday, June 14th

Where: Hillel at UCLA 




*While Hillel will donate proceeds from this sale, please note this purchase of art is not considered a tax-deductible donation as you are receiving goods in exchange for funds. Please consult a tax adviser for more information. Thank you.




Nancy Goodman LawrenceThe View Through #6, acrylic and collage on canvas, 24” x 24 

Diane Holland, Palimpsestic Metanoia 12: John's Door, 2022 Kodak Endura metallic print, 41 1/4 x 31 7/8 inches (ed. 1/5)                                                              


Randi Matushevitz, King of Yourself, 2015, charcoal, pastel and spray paint on paper, 53” x 33”.  


Hilary Baker, Roadrunner, 2023, linocut, 11 x 15 inches


VIRGINIA KATZOpen Spaces, Watercolor on Paper, 9” x 12”, 2017, Archival Framed under Museum Glass


SANDRA E. LAUTERBACH, Sherezade, 39"H x 26"W, Textiles


ROBERTA LEVITOW, THE WIND, egg tempera and gold leaf on gesso board, 9” x 12”, 2022

JEFF IORILLO, Tapestry, acrylic on stretched canvas. 30” x 40”


Steven Wolkoff, Search for Peace, acrylic on canvas, 11 x 14 inches. 2024

Lynn Aldrich, Flying into LAX, 2013, Lithograph on cotton paper, colored pencil, collage fragment, text by artist.

34 x 26 inches (framed)


Laurie Yehia, SPACE OF POTENTIALITY (2017) oil paint, acrylic, graphite, switch plates, screws on wood panel H 19" x W 27"


Constance Mallinson, "Crapstraction", Oil/Can.12"X12". 2022. 

Richard BrulandTrigger. 2016, Acrylic on panel 18” x 18”


Lauren KasmerCilka30, 2022, Dye sublimation photograph on Aluminum 9” x 6 1/4”


Gilah Yelin, Drumlin Series #7, Acrylic on Fabriano. Handmade Italian Paper , 30" x 22". 1993


Alain Rogier, 2013,Acrylics and charcoal  30”h x 40”


Marla Fields, Intermezzo


Yvette Gellis, “Malibu still life, warm” acrylic, 4” x 6”, acrylic on Bristol. 2023.

Dori Atlantis

 Melanie Rothschild, Golden Girls, acrylic on sheet metal, 38”x21”

Rivka Nehorai, The redistribution of wealth 

Wendy Lamm, Lightscape 

Mark W. Strickland,The Agony of War.  Ink/wC paper  24”x31” 


Peter Merlin, Chaos, Linoleum cut, 8”X 11” 2024 

Harriet Zeitlin, Hamsa, Graphite Rubbing 

Marie Thibeault, Kite, 20”x16” oil on canvas 

Ruth Weisberg, Interrupted Reading

Carol Kaufman, Missing You, Oil Paint and graphite on gesso canvas (diptych) 13 x 11 in., 2023.

Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik

Aline Mare, Waterlands, (18 x 24”), framed (19 x 25”), Unique photo-based process on metallic paper with paint, 2023

Laddie John Dill, aluminum, 5” x 8”

Claire Rogier Kosasky  


Hillel at UCLA will be having the Student Fine Art show opening in the Spring quarter of 2024. We invite all undergraduate students to participate in the contest and share their beautiful ideas and artistic work with Hillel and the public. We want students to have the liberty to create anything possible with their imagination so submissions can be anything. *No nudity* In previous years, we received paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, even collages, and strange and exotic pieces of work, and many more so we encourage students to get creative and get motivated! We will be giving out prizes to the winning students.

"The Phylliss and Lou Mann Prize for Excellence in the Arts at UCLA Hillel"

1st prize: $1000
2nd prize: $500

Student submissions will be received at the front desk of Hillel, 574 Hilgard Ave, in care of Perla Karney,

March 8, 10 am- 4 pm.

The curator will make final selections.  The exhibition opens May 23 and closes June 14, 2024.  

Opening reception & Award Ceremony Thursday, May 23, 6-8 pm  

The curator and juror will be present.  

Curated by Cathy Weiss,

Claudia Sobral, Prize Juror


Contact Perla for additional information:
[email protected] | (310) 208-3081 Ext. 108

Generously funded by Mindy and Robert Mann & the Stratton-Petit Foundation 



Hillel at UCLA will be having the Student Photo Contest show opening in the Spring quarter of 2024. We invite all undergraduate students to participate in the contest and share their beautiful ideas and artistic work with Hillel and the public. The theme this year is "World Peace"
1st Prize 500.00 dollars
2nd Prize: 250.00 dollars
3rd Prize: 150.00 dollars
Five Honorable Mentions: 50.00 dollars each


- 8x10 B&W or Color Image  

- Must be printed on photo paper 

- Include name, email, phone on the back of each  photo  


Perla Karney, Artistic  Director Dortort Center  for Creativity in the Arts  310-203-3081  


[email protected]

The Photo Contest is Generously Underwritten by The Pamela and Randol Schoenberg Foundation 

FALL 2024



The Child is the father of the Man

Photos and paintings by Kathryn Jacobi


Thursday, October 24th, 2024

7:00-9:00 pm

Exhibit runs until Friday, December 13th

Where: Hillel at UCLA 


Artist Statement: 

In William Wordsworth's poem, My Heart Leaps Up, the line "The Child is the father of the Man" opens a universe of metaphoric visual possibilities. 

In his surreal novel Invitation to A Beheading, Vladimir Nabokov writes of a “photo-horoscope”, a device using a process by which a portrait photograph is manipulated into a series of images representing the subject from the cradle to “the final horizontal”.

The theme of memory, transformation, and continuance over the life cycle has been a constant thread of fascination for me over more than 60 years as a working artist.  As both a painter and photographer I’ve depicted people in every stage of their lives, singly and in families, and continue to believe that the inner life is reflected in external signs: how we age, how the child becomes the old man or woman, what remains vital throughout a life. 

I am especially intrigued seeing parents’ faces and bodies combine to morph into their children’s, the process continuing through generations, leaving intact remnant imprints of the progenitor on grandchildren and beyond. To me, this continuance is invariably life affirming and very, very touching.  

This series, The Child is the father of the Man, depicts the older adult in combination with an image from his/her childhood, sometimes singly and sometimes with resembling family members.  It takes me aback how little we change:  the babies and children so accurately predicting their future visage and posture is almost uncanny.  In the same way as I age and see my mother in the mirror looking back at me,  I look at her portrait as a child and see her, but see also both my grandmother and my grandchildren. This series of portraits resonate with connection for me,  and I compose and layer each final image until that connection--- between mortality and memory--- at least in my eyes and heart---becomes palpable.

Holy Sparks: Celebrating 50 Years of Women in the Rabbinate

Thursday, October 24th, 2024

7:00-9:00 pm

Exhibit runs until Friday, December 13th

Gindi Gallery


On June 3, 1972, Jewish and American history were made when Rabbi Sally Priesand was ordained by Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion as the first woman rabbi in North America. She and the others who followed set in motion the first steps toward the empowerment of new cohorts of leaders for the Jewish people over the past 50 years. 


Celebrating this historic achievement is the Holy Sparks art exhibition, on view at Hillel at UCLA starting on Thursday, October 24th 2024, which was created by the Heller Museum at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in New York, in partnership with The Braid (formerly Jewish Women's Theater). It illuminates the creativity, commitment, and vision of 24 women who were “firsts” in their time. Their challenges and contributions, struggles and successes represent the achievements of the nearly 1,500 women rabbis of all denominations who have transformed Jewish tradition, worship, spirituality, scholarship, education, and pastoral care. 


Evoking these pioneering rabbis’ stories are the works of 24 leading contemporary Jewish women artists, who immersed themselves in their respective rabbi’s recorded interviews, produced by The Braid's Story Archive of Women Rabbis and preserved at the Jewish Women’s Archive


Jean Bloch Rosensaft, Director of the Heller Museumstates, "From the pulpit to the college campus, from philanthropic foundations to Jewish communal organizations and agencies, from military to healthcare chaplaincy, women rabbis have indelibly redefined Jewish leadership. The art presented exemplifies the role of contemporary women artists in advancing Jewish culture through the visual expression of Jewish history, values, and identity."


Each work is further elaborated with the rabbis' biographies and QR-code links to their video interviews. The portraits are presented chronologically by year of ordination, to reveal each decade’s pioneers as inspiration for the next. A free curator’s audio tour and digital guide to the exhibition are available on the Heller Museum app on Bloomberg Connects. 


Read more in the online exhibition catalogue


The Dortort Center is located at Hillel at UCLA, but please take note of off-site event venues. The public is invited to view our exhibits Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm (or at other times by special request) when school is in session.

For questions, please contact Perla Karney at 310-208-3081 x108 or [email protected]

(310) 208-3081 | 574 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024 | EIN #46-0573247

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